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Our story

The most important thing that you need to know is this, I love a good story. 

14images, is a simple extension of my love for a good story. The idea of learning something new, creating something that doesn't exist or sharing either of those with others is a passion that is part of my DNA.

Since you are probably wondering, the name 14images is a tribute to my three children, who are all born on the 14th of three consecutive months, (obviously different years) and who act as the principle subject in countless images that I have created as well as the main characters of the stories I have shared over the years. 

Whether you are looking for a photographer, videographer or a podcaster, I'd love to sit down with you, hear your story and figure out how to help you tell your story. You matter and your story matters. So lets tell the world a great story.

A new story.

Your story.


Owner/Digital Content Producer

14images, LLC.

Chris Jacobsen, 14images, LLC, Portland, OR, PNW, Photographer, Podcast Producer, Videographher
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